2019 ENA Today Highlights

Oct. 9

  • From left to right: Gina Slobogin, Barbara Gibson, Matt Powers, Karla Nygren, Ryan Oglesby, Chris Dellinger, Patti Kunz Howard and Ron Kraus New Board Announced at Conference Closing CeremonyAfter a week of education, networking, and well-mannered and intentional weirdness, Emergency Nursing 2019 in Austin ended with its usual fanfare and a few surprises at the closing ceremony. More
  • Nurses Combating OpioidsMore than 77,000 people have died from opioid overdoses in the United States in 2019, according to data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at the end of September. More
  • Finding Humor in the EDIt might seem superfluous to remind a crowded ballroom full of Emergency Nursing 2019 attendees that the work emergency nurses do is life changing. And yet, sometimes that is exactly what is necessary. More
  • Learning From Disaster in MexicoOf all the natural disasters, the world is the least prepared to handle earthquakes, according to Gerardo Jasso-Ortega, a nurse manager and president of the Mexican Association of Emergency Nurses. More
  • What Comes After TraumaBecause people have different reactions to trauma, whether it is from personal violence, childhood abuse or neglect, death of a parent, serious accidents, natural disasters, war, terrorism or medical trauma, it is not surprising victims’ memories of the events can sometimes be jumbled, temporarily blocked or even forever lost.  More
  • Grandma and the Little Green MenIt’s common for geriatric patients to hallucinate or exhibit other behavior that might be considered odd. But sometimes there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation. More
  • Skills Lab Boosts Critical Care ExpertiseIn last week’s Skills Lab, “Critical Care for the Emergency RN,” paramedics responded to a mock call about a 35-year-old male who was injured in a flash fire while refueling his lawnmower. More
  • Nursing in Austere EnvironmentsGlobal Response Management Operations Director Helen Perry and Director of Communications Alex Potter recalled their experiences providing health care in remote, war-torn and storm-ravaged areas of the world including Bangladesh, Iraq, Yemen, Matamoros and Central and South America.  More