2018 ENA Today Preview

Sep. 12

  • Are You a Resuscitationist?Scott Weingart isn’t your typical keynote speaker, and what sets him apart may be his attitude toward sick patients. “I feel that to abandon a patient because they are too sick—which seems to happen at a lot of hospitals I encounter—is completely unacceptable. And it needs to be stopped,” he said. That is part of what Weingart will discuss during his keynote presentation, “Are You a Resuscitationist?” during the closing session at Emergency Nursing 2018. More
  • ENA Foundation Donation OpportunitiesEmergency Nursing 2018 offers plenty of opportunities to donate to the ENA Foundation. Here are some of the ways you can help support your fellow emergency nurses through academic scholarships, conference scholarships and research grants that directly benefit emergency nurses and further the emergency nursing specialty. More
  • Emergency Nursing Takes Flight in the DisastER AreaThe DisastER area of the exhibit hall is always one of the main attractions at ENA’s annual educational and networking conference, and this year will be no exception. The expanded SIM Wars competition will draw plenty of attendees to the section, but it’s what the two stages will be flanking that might cause a stir on the floor. More
  • Cast Your Vote!Exercise your voice in the 2018 ENA national election! More
  • Dynamic Panel to Address Bias in Health CarePatients presenting to the emergency department often represent a cross-section of the community the facility serves. This means ED staff may need to care for patient populations that present social challenges, such as behavioral health issues, those with substance use problems and the economically disadvantaged, to name a few. At a special evening session on Sept. 26, titled “’I’ll Take Care of You’ – Confronting Bias in Health Care,” participants will hear stories of emergency nurses’ interactions with various marginalized communities and learn about their stories and backgrounds. More
  • Congratulations to the Emergency Nursing 2018 IENR ePoster Award Winners!Emergency Nursing 2016 attendees take the opportunity to meet with ePoster presenters in Los Angeles. More
  • Pittsburgh Opens its Arms to Emergency Nursing 2018Pennsylvania ENA State Council President Valerie Krasneski-Schreiber welcomes attendees to the commonwealth and Emergency Nursing 2018! The experience offers cutting-edge educational sessions and innovative, hands-on opportunities, along with a city that’s ready to show you everything it has to offer. More

Aug. 15

  • ONE FOR THE AGESENA President Jeff Solheim counts down the weeks to Emergency Nursing 2018 and promises a memorable experience for all who attend. More
  • Pittsburgh skyline Welcome to Pittsburgh!Get ready to be surprised—Pittsburgh isn’t what you think. Poised at the point where three rivers meet, the city was once a center for heavy industry. But today, Pittsburgh's skyline has been transformed. Riverfronts are thoughtfully developed and used for recreation now more than ever. Businesses look to the environment as an asset, not a challenge. And, best of all, "green" has replaced "smoky" for good. More
  • SIM Wars is BackLast year’s first SIM Wars tournament was such a success, it’s back for another year—but this time it’s bigger and better. The tournament is a fully equipped, two-bed mock ED where four-person teams compete to achieve best possible outcomes for “patients.” Teams face high-stakes patient scenarios in timed rounds. More
  • Joining Forces to Mitigate Workplace ViolenceIf you ask a roomful of emergency nurses how many have been physically or verbally assaulted at work, you might see nearly every hand go up. Workplace violence is a widespread problem that will likely affect every emergency nurse at some point in his or her career. To address this issue, ENA partnered with the American Organization of Nurse Executives and the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety to create tools and promote initiatives to further the cause of reducing or eliminating workplace violence. Leaders will highlight this collaboration and explain the group’s plan during a Sept. 28 session, “A Collaborative Approach to Mitigating Violence in the Workplace.” ENA Today spoke with ENA Board Member Gordon Gillespie about the collaboration and what it could mean to emergency nurses. More
  • A Neon Night to RememberIf you’ve been to ENA’s major education and networking conference before, you know the welcome party is one of the highlights of the three-day event. The annual kickoff soiree, Neon Nights, provides a great opportunity to enjoy food, fun and networking with colleagues, all in a relaxed atmosphere. It is also a chance to “do good” by supporting the ENA Foundation. More
  • Practice Your Skills at AdvancEDIf there’s one area of the exhibit hall you don’t want to miss, it’s AdvancED. This interactive, educational space is designed to offer guided training and hands-on experience, whatever the stage of your career. The four-bed mock emergency department features computerized, full-body manikin simulators that enable conference-goers to practice and improve their skills. Attendees will participate in clinical simulations designed to mimic a real ED setting featuring a variety of patient-care scenarios. More