Emcee Todd Thomas Returns

Those who remember laughing, singing and dancing at Emergency Nursing 2017 in St. Louis probably remember Conference Emcee Todd Thomas.

Conference Emcee Todd Thomas

And great news: He’s in Pittsburgh and ready to entertain Emergency Nursing 2018 attendees with his spirited presence and dynamic dance moves.

“I love entertaining—it’s in my DNA,” Thomas said. “But I really thrive off the energy of a fun and engaging group, and the ENA conference last year was one of my favorite events I’ve ever done.”

Thomas, who is St. Louis-based and has been a professional emcee and entertainer for 25 years, said he had so many favorite experiences at Emergency Nursing 2017 that it’s hard to pick just one. 

“But I’d say a highlight was my opening-day introduction where I came out and told my story of who I was and how I got there,” he said. “That set the tone that the attendees knew I was a fun and funny guy, and I knew they would be engaging and responsive. Also, the different dance moves I did for them to break up the time between speakers was a riot.” 

At the end of last year’s conference, the meeting’s planners asked if Thomas was available for 2018, which is unusual because ENA traditionally picks an emcee from whichever city is hosting the conference that year. 

“That meant a lot to me that they liked me so much they wanted to fly me out to Pittsburgh for year No. 2,” he said. “However, now the pressure is on. I’ve been brainstorming about some creative new ‘bits’ to showcase this year.” 

Thomas said he has never been to Pittsburgh before, so not only is he excited to emcee Emergency Nursing 2018, but also to explore the city.