2019 ENA Today

Oct. 2

  • Austin Doesn’t Know WeirdAustin might own the motto “Make Austin Weird,” but emergency nurses schooled the Emergency Nursing 2019 host city on the true meaning, trotting out their own style and expression for Monday night’s Welcome Party. More
  • University of Kentucky ED Team Named SIM Wars ChampionsAfter killing their simulated patient during last year’s competition, the University of Kentucky returned ready for redemption. And redeemed they were, emerging yesterday as the 2019 SIM Wars competition winners at Emergency Nursing 2019.  More
  • Evacuating an EDWhen the deadly Camp Fire rolled through Northern California on Nov. 8, 2018, it destroyed many of the homes and buildings in Paradise. Even Feather River Hospital, the town’s only full service health care facility, was so badly damaged, it remains closed and is not likely to reopen. More
  • Skills Lab Provides Hands-on Infant ResuscitationMany EDs see far fewer neonatal or infant-aged patients than adult patients, so getting practice on small manikins increases emergency nurses’ confidence levels. More
  • EDs Around the GlobeAttendees at yesterday's Global Perspectives Panel received a virtual tour of EDs in the Netherlands, Australia and Norway.  More
  • International Attendees Tackle Global IssuesAttendees representing 20 countries participated in Tuesday’s international luncheon discussion, covering issues facing emergency nurses around the world. More
  • Motivation for MillennialsNo one who saw the crowd vying for limited spots at yesterday’s Emerging Professionals Luncheon would guess there is a shortage of up-and-comers in ENA. Yet only 15 percent of ENA members have fewer than five years in the emergency nursing specialty, according to 2019 Emerging Professional Liaison to the ENA Board of Directors Shannen Kane. More
  • Hallucination Doesn’t Always Equal MedicationGeriatric patients can be challenging, especially when they seem to be hallucinating. Joan Somes, critical care educator at Regions Hospital EMS in St. Paul, Minnesota, will use this session to offer tips and tools for handling older patients in the emergency department. More
  • New Drugs, New DangersThe opioid epidemic rages on, but it also continues to evolve into new, ever-more-dangerous forms that emergency nurses are forced to deal with, too often with little preparation. More
  • Happy 50th to ENA!2020 will mark ENA’s 50th year as the premier organization for emergency nursing. And where better to celebrate than Las Vegas? From Sept. 8 to 11, 2020, ENA is taking over Sin City — and the association wants all emergency nursing professionals to join in the momentous occasion. More

Oct. 1

  • Anita Dorr Memorial Luncheon: In Pursuit of Professional ExcellenceKicking off the Anita Dorr Memorial Luncheon lecture yesterday, ENA President Patty Kunz Howard presented the 2019 Judith C. Kelleher Award to 2015 ENA President Matt Powers for his career-long contributions to emergency nursing and overall professional excellence. More
  • Looking Inside the ED FortressWith equal parts candor, humor and admiration, renowned health care documentarian Carolyn Jones shared stories from her journey to seven emergency departments across the United States as she and her team gathered footage for her upcoming documentary on emergency nurses. More
  • Unavoidable Preparation: Growing Violence in ED Demands ActionEmergency departments across the country are examining the need to have plans in place for the increasing likelihood of violence in their facilities and against their staff. Three sessions today cover a range of what these preparations might look like, from the realities of metal detectors in hospitals to real-word experiences with active shooters and the ever-present threat of terrorism. More
  • Power and Peril of Social Media, Digital Content for NursesTwo sessions today will explore different aspects of social media for emergency nurses. The first session — “Should I Post That: Lessons Learned Moderating the Largest ED Nurse Social Media Group” — is a roundtable discussion of what nurses need to know about social media posting. This includes ensuring patient and nurse privacy, as well as adhering to hospital guidelines. More
  • Atlanta ED Staff Thinks Inside a Box to Combat Patient OverflowDespite being one of Atlanta’s busiest emergency departments, Grady Memorial Hospital was overwhelmed in the early months of 2018, when a significant flu epidemic struck the area. The ED took steps to reduce patient wait times and see more patients quicker. More
  • Skills Lab Participants Stop Catastrophic HemorrhageAs Emergency Nursing 2019 carried on yesterday at the Austin Convention Center, attendees in a Hilton Austin ballroom were immersed in treating simulated trauma patients arriving from the field. More
  • Adding Peer Specialist SupportThe country’s opioid crisis, combined with increased behavioral health awareness, led Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center in North Carolina to hire certified peer support specialists — people recovering from behavioral health issues or substance use disorders who can support others with similar experiences. More
  • EMS, ED Communication Is KeyYesterday’s Interprofessional Education session, “EMS to ED Hand-Off: Touchdown or Fumble,” in the DisastER area of the exhibit hall had standing room only, and it’s easy to see why. More
  • Don’t Crash and Burn(out)Sarah Wells’ trauma nursing career crashed and burned when a bad car accident after a shift one night brought her back to her emergency department as a badly injured patient. More

Sept. 30

  • Getting Weird With ENAThe Welcome Party hasn’t been dubbed Weird Fest for nothing; ENA is embracing Austin’s funky spirit with burros, llamas and goats — among other intriguing and entertaining oddities. More
  • IGNITE Sessions Cover ED Hot TopicsUtility failures, department flipping and working with millennials — each can present its own challenges. And ENA is presenting quick, rapid-fire solutions in the IGNITE sessions this evening at 6 p.m. in Ballroom D on the fourth floor. More
  • Beyond the ED: Understanding the Special Relationship Between Emergency Care Facilities, Trauma Patient Transportation ProfessionalsNew to DisastER for Emergency Nursing 2019 is an expanded lineup of educational training and sessions. One such session, “EMS to ED Hand-off: Touchdown or Fumble,” will provide interprofessional training on patient hand-offs between pre-hospital EMS and in-hospital providers, emphasizing the importance of effective communication. The event is sponsored by First Response Training Group. More
  • Conference Attendees Meet the CandidatesHopefuls for open ENA leadership positions, the Board of Directors and the Nominations and Elections Committee went before the voters during a Candidate Forum Saturday afternoon. Each of the 15 candidates explained why they are running for their respective offices and gave impromptu answers to questions about how they will help ENA meet the challenges of the future. More
  • Caring for the Sexual Assault VictimEmergency nurses often feel unprepared to deliver the care needed for sexual assault patients. That might be because many emergency departments do not offer sexual assault nurse examiner training or employ forensic nurses in their hospitals. More
  • Back to Basics: Pre-Session Workshops Cover ED FundamentalsThree pre-conference sessions yesterday offered attendees the opportunity to brush up on emergency department skills, delve into interactive, case study-based approaches and gain hands-on experience with chest x-rays, common lab findings, ultrasounds and fundamental emergency procedures. More
  • One Step Forward, One Back in Opioid CrisisTwo sessions at Emergency Nursing 2019 will address different aspects of the opioid crisis as it affects emergency nurses. One session explores the successes and challenges of a program designed to reduce the impact of the crisis, while the other uncovers an unexpected problem involving an over-the-counter medication. More
  • 6 Can’t-Miss Exhibit Hall FeaturesThe exhibit hall at Emergency Nursing 2019 is always a hub of learning and networking activities, and this year will be no different. Besides more than 200 exhibitors, here are six areas that will be worth attendees’ time and engagement. More
  • Identifying Human Trafficking Victims in EDsThere are a lot of misconceptions about human trafficking. Tomorrow’s session will lay out the differences between smuggling and human trafficking and highlight the various ways by which people are trafficked. Susan Blume, a nurse in the ED at Texas Health Resources-HEB in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, will join co-presenter, Julia Walsh, who will share her story of being sexually trafficked. More
  • Hall of Honor Recognizes 2019 Award RecipientsThere are countless rock stars in the ranks of the emergency nursing specialty. The Emergency Nursing 2019 Hall of Honor pays tribute to a select number of them for their 2019 accomplishments. More
  • ENA Launches Stop the Violence CampaignENA is partnering with the American College of Emergency Physicians on the “No Silence on ED Violence” campaign, which aims to raise awareness about workplace violence in the ED and offer resources to its victims. More
  • Less Lecture, More LearningWhen students requested more hands-on experience and fewer lectures, ENA listened. In the last year, ENA has released overhauled versions of its flagship educational offerings — the Trauma Nursing Core Course and the Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course — and Emergency Nursing 2019 is the perfect opportunity for potential learners and instructors to get the scoop on all the changes. More