University of Kentucky ED Team Named SIM Wars Champions

After killing their simulated patient during last year’s competition, the University of Kentucky returned ready for redemption.

And redeemed they were, emerging yesterday as the 2019 SIM Wars competition winners at Emergency Nursing 2019.

This year, the field of 16 four-person teams battled to showcase the best in clinical skills and teamwork. Emerging victorious, the UK Wildcats received a trophy, medals and yearlong bragging rights.

The team’s name will also be inscribed on a larger trophy that sits in the lobby of ENA Headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois.

Elizabeth Ober and Jacob Heil were on last year’s team that was eliminated after the first round. They wanted to restore the honor for their boss, who just happens to be ENA President Patti Kunz Howard.

“We had to come back this year, because we knew we could do better,” Ober said. “And we’re super excited, because Patti Howard is our ED director. So we had to impress Dr. Howard.”

SIM Wars has been a staple at ENA’s annual educational and networking conference since 2017, and Heil organizes his ED’s team each year. This year, he pulled together an elite squad with Ober as well as Anna Ellis and Alishia Euler, who was absent during trophy presentation because she was taking a test. 

“We’re just a little bit competitive. We’re nerdy and competitive,” Heil remarked wryly. “To the whole ED back in Lexington: Thanks for holding the fort down; we hope we represent you guys well.”

Howard was unavailable for comment, but as a notorious UK enthusiast and unyielding supporter of her ED team, it’s safe to say she’s proud.